Update 2weeks post lifesaving surgery to repair and extend a broken fusion

So it’s been over 2weeks since my lifesaving surgery to repair my fractured neck fusion and broken screws.

They had to place a new skull plate higher up the back of my skull and extend the fusion down to T4 with clamps and screws to get past the broken screws and large bone fracture.

When you have a fusion the disks are removed and replaced with bone which over the next year, grows and solidifies into ONE big solid bone, this is what was broken and unstable and was causing all my horrific neurological symptoms and the feeling of my skull slipping into my brain- as that’s exactly what it was doing!

Just over 2weeks post op and we are all delighted that my body is recovering SO well! All the neurological symptoms are vanishing and I’m feeling better each day and more like my old self!

I’m not vomiting and taking antisickness medication 7-8xeach day and struggling to eat, sleeping all the time and in agony unable to think and concentrate and forgetting conversations. Having nystagmus or seizure type episodes, or getting total paralysis when I lay on my side, my dizziness, tinnitus, hearing, vision and balance is all improving again (it was so severe I couldn’t drive my electric wheelchair at home)!

Also, the numbness& weakness in my arms and legs is much improved and the feeling is starting to come back! – not 100% yet but way better than before!

It’s such a relief! Obviously I still have the post op pain from such a big surgery, and will have a long slow recovery ahead of me. I have to be very careful of my posture whilst my bones are fusing and protect the un-fused segment of spine- which is only 5vertebra now!

But I’m super grateful to everyone who helped to get me fixed again and gave me another chance to live my life….& of course to the wonderful team who worked so quickly to fit me in and attempt to fix me again, when they saw how life threatening the situation was.

I’m here in Spain until the 9th August, when I should be well enough to manage transferring and sitting on the flight home!

So just under 2weeks left & hoping to be well enough to get out a little in my wheelchair and see the city before we leave!

Exciting times ahead! Thank you to everyone for all your support.

Don’t forget the ball is booked for Friday August 30th, to celebrate and raise money for the post op scans and rehab needed. Get those tickets booked so I can confirm numbers!

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PLEASE DONATE NOW to #MelaniesMissionToLive - a charitable trust fund created to fund specialised medical transport and world specialist, life-saving spinal and brain surgery for Mel (a 31yr old Newcastle University biology graduate from Cramlington, Northumberland) before its too late!! Due to Mel's complex underlying conditions (EDS and CCI) her only option for revision surgery to fix her broken fusion is to seek help in the USA! WE NEED YOUR HELP

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