Monthly Archives: January 2021

Today’s update brings big news! 😬 Big news today.. after many negotiations and discussions the team have managed to get me an icu bed for Tuesday. So my surgery will be on Tuesday!! A big surgery to replace the broken rod and fuse the remainder of my spine. Obviously I […]

The date is set!

‼️After 14 seizures yesterday, screaming in agony and no more than 2hrs sleep since Monday night…. white as a sheet, we had to make our way to the airport for a private covid test. Lying on a stretcher getting my neck tractioned the entire journey to keep me stable and […]

Covid testing

Hi, it’s Leah here- Mel’s PA, Mel has massively deteriorated overnight, so I’m writing this post, as she’s unable to herself. Her skull is now slipping constantly- she pushes it back in, moves her fingers and it pops out again, compressing her brainstem. This is causes, loads of seizures, vomiting, […]