2 weeks post life saving surgery!

So now we are 2 weeks post op & I’m discharged from hospital and settled in our apartment, I wanted to do an update on my fantastic progress!

I’m doing soooooo good! Dr Gilete and Dr Oliver literally saved my life ….& they’re not stopping there, they’re going on to give me the best quality of life I could hope for by operating on the 21st to fuse loads of my spine and untether my spinal cord.

I now have NO seizures, my headaches are minimal, no tremor, numb hands or tingling in my face! I’m off all the extra pain medication from surgery and just on my pre op pain meds now!

I can now sit up (!), laugh, cry, cough, sneeze, hiccup & hug people, without a neck brace and without having seizures and agonising pain! … & of course finally wash my neck!! 🤣

That is pretty spectacular if you ask me (& far more than I’d even thought possible)!

Now it’s just a case of trying to get my POTS under control and this crazy body used to being more upright again- (which they’re working hard to help me with here too) & have the next surgery on the 21st, to sort my spine and spinal cord out & I’ll be raring and ready to come home & to live my life again!

Dr Gilete is my hero & I will NEVER forget the incredible things he and his team have done for me!

He took on what everyone said to be a hopeless case, believed in me and all of my symptoms and tried his best, and his best was more than I could ever have hoped for!

We still need to raise more funds to pay for the next surgery on the 21st so if anyone has any fundraising ideas or is able to donate I’d be very grateful!

#MelaniesMissionToLive 💜

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PLEASE DONATE NOW to #MelaniesMissionToLive - a cause created to fund specialised medical transport and world specialist, potentially life-saving spinal and brain surgery for Mel (a 26yr old Newcastle University biology graduate from Cramlington, Northumberland) before its too late!! Due to Mel's complex underlying conditions (EDS and CCI) the surgery is only available in the USA and costs over £150,000!! WE NEED YOUR HELP

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