Look who’s turned a corner! Feeling SO much better today now we’ve got on top of the other complications EDS & it’s friends throw into the mix! 🦓 ☀️Sitting up, seizure free, smiling, pain controlled & able to sit in the grounds to feel the sun on my face- it’s […]

Almost 2 weeks Post op from 3rd life saving surgery

Hi, Just thought I’d update everyone on the plan! Not long left now, which I’m so grateful about as I’m suffering so much with all these seizures & symptoms. My skull is slipping because, the titanium screws at C1 are BROKEN inside the bone- this wasn’t apparent on earlier scans […]

Surgical plan

💜 UPDATE💜 Need to raise £20k by January the 20th to cover outstanding costs for surgery and accommodation. NEW CAMPAIGN PAGE IS: gofundme.com/MelaniesMissionToLive Melanie Hartshorn from Cramlington Northumberland is a 30yr old biology graduate whom hit the headlines in the media after graduating in biology on a stretcher. Melanie’s Mission […]

Latest fundraising campaign

So it’s been over 2weeks since my lifesaving surgery to repair my fractured neck fusion and broken screws. They had to place a new skull plate higher up the back of my skull and extend the fusion down to T4 with clamps and screws to get past the broken screws […]

Update 2weeks post lifesaving surgery to repair and extend a ...

Melanie’s Mission birthday ball, is going to be held on Friday August the 30th 2019 at Kingston Park rugby stadium 7.30pm – midnight. Tickets are £30pp. Its going to be a night to remember & raise vital funds for Mel’s life saving surgery & essential aftercare costs. The night will […]


Hi, As you know I had surgery recently to repair torn knee cartilage. I have “difficult airway information” explaining I must have fibre optic intubation to protect my fusion. This was discussed with the anaesthetics team & I wore my neck brace to theatre. Unfortunately these instructions weren’t followed. Since […]

£70,000 needed IN 3 weeks..

  Save the date! I’m have another fundraising ball to raise funds for my lifesaving surgery. It’s going to be on Friday the 30th of August & tickets will be priced at approx £30pp. After the success of the last fantastic ball we held 2yrs ago, I decided to organise […]

Melanie’s Mission Birthday Ball 2019


New appeal!

Just over 2yrs I’m from my fusion surgery, I was planning on posting a positive update telling you all how fantastically well I’ve been doing… how much I’m able to live my life, nights out weekly, concerts, volunteering & gaining experience in a Primary school in preparation for doing my […]

Bad news


Time for an update…. a target has been set. £50K. So unfortunately things are getting worse scarily fast… everyday new symptoms appear- mainly serious neurological ones. My visions affected now with lightening flashes in my eyes and floaters. Excruciating headaches, vomiting, seizures, agonising pain in my head neck and spine […]

Disaster during the covid crisis!