Surgical plan

Just thought I’d update everyone on the plan!

Not long left now, which I’m so grateful about as I’m suffering so much with all these seizures & symptoms.

My skull is slipping because, the titanium screws at C1 are BROKEN inside the bone- this wasn’t apparent on earlier scans but C1 is where the bone was also broken, when I had my knee surgery ?

So, It all depends on what they find when they open me up but the ideal plan is to remove and replace the old hardware and screws with new ones & a bigger skull plate…. and extend by one vertebra to T5.

It’s a dangerous, long & complex surgery especially with it being the THIRD in that area- and the bone has fused since the last op, which means they need to break through it to get to the screws….. the team here feel it would be too dangerous and too much for my body to fuse the entirety of my spine in this surgery, & put more pressure on the top, which is where my life threatening symptoms originate from!

So we all agreed to fuse the clearly unstable vertebra and I’ll have to take great care to protect the unfused area below.

So, I’m back at hospital tomorrow for my final appointments and then will be admitted on Sunday, for surgery Monday… followed by a long sleep in ICU.

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