Almost 2 weeks Post op from 3rd life saving surgery

ook who’s turned a corner!

Feeling SO much better today now we’ve got on top of the other complications EDS & it’s friends throw into the mix! ?

☀️Sitting up, seizure free, smiling, pain controlled & able to sit in the grounds to feel the sun on my face- it’s a beautiful day!!!

I’m so grateful to Dr Gilete & his team for saving my life again. They’re are always there to help & pick up the pieces- despite none of this being their fault!

They gave clear instructions on intubation methods which sadly weren’t followed….. but, upon hearing how poorly I was, & my symptoms, I received a call within 30mins to arrange scans; they fit me in ASAP for a consult-despite being the Christmas holidays & scheduled my surgery for the first possible date, despite being crazy busy!

They’ve been brilliant at managing my pain, always believe me & work fast to obtain proof of the problem & attempt to fix it as safely as possible – with my best interests at heart!

It’s not easy doing revision surgeries on such complex cases especially after the original fusion has been damaged so badly, & our ultimate aim was to get me seizure free & safe again! This photo is proof that they’ve achieved that, for a third time!

Now to heal, rest, allow the new bone to fuse around the extra hardware & recover again…. let’s see how well we can get me this time – third time lucky! ?

I’m looking to be discharged on Monday & fly home around 2weeks later- can’t wait to see my dog, & of course my niece! ✈️

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