Surgery postponed


So, the hospital decided surgery on a Saturday was a bad idea as there’s less staff in icu over the weekend, so I’m having it Monday morning instead.

Ive had all the pre op tests and signed all the forms, so I’m just chilling in my halo until surgery on Monday morning!

I can’t sit up as I start having seizures so I have to stay flat in bed and we have the Cord and traction set up for if it’s needed.

This also gives me a few more days to raise some more funds, for the rest of the cost of the air ambulance, the accommodation and the excess the insurance isn’t paying!

So far we you have raised £10k for me, towards the £30k needed & I’m grateful for every penny! Thank you to everyone for you’re continued support, you’re all amazing.

Mel x


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PLEASE DONATE NOW to #MelaniesMissionToLive - a charitable trust fund created to fund specialised medical transport and world specialist, life-saving spinal and brain surgery for Mel (a 32yr old Newcastle University biology graduate from Cramlington, Northumberland) before its too late!! Due to Mel's complex underlying conditions (EDS and CCI) her only option for revision surgery to fix her broken fusion is to seek help abroad! WE NEED YOUR HELP

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