Day before surgery.. round 5

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I’ve been poorly for a couple of days with a UTI but luckily the iV antibiotics seem to be kicking in now! Just in time for my surgery tomorrow morning!

I’m having the surgery then will be in a coma in ICU for a day or two, before coming back to the ward to recover.

Once I’m ready to leave the hospital Dr Gilete is putting me back in the halo, which is going to stay on for 6-8 months to make sure nothing can move whilst the bones are fusing this time!

So…. it’s going to take a bit of getting used to, learning how to love with it on and get clothes to fit over it, and to go out in public with it on is going to be nerve wracking… so, if you see me out and about when I’m home and feeling better, come say & Hi ☺️

Nerves haven’t kicked in yet for tomorrow, I’m just ready to get sorted and on with recovering!

I’ve got a raffle over on my fb page, £2/number to win a £50 experience days voucher, you can get tonnes of stuff with it – from super car racing to Spa days & afternoon teas, bungee jumping and paragliding… the link to the post is:

Thanks again for the support, we still need to keep the fundraising going so I really appreciate all your support!

Mel x






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