Arriving at Teknon for the 5th time

What a week it’s been… and it’s only Wednesday!

I came via air ambulance with a Lovely Paramedic Carl and ITU Dr Lee on board, Carl knew me from last time and they both looked after me really well.

I had some oxygen and IV fluids and medications on the flight & was on a special mattress to try and keep my neck stable.

When I got to Spain we came via ambulance to teknon at around 4pm where I had lots of seizures upon arrival.

I was met by Amy who took me to my room where Dr Gilete was waiting with the nurses – who all knew me from previous stays.

First we tried traction with the cervical collar, but I was worse than they thought and dr Gilete was worried about the amount of seizures I had while trying it, so I was rushed to theatre 20mins later to be put in a halo again.

I then went for a CT scan accompanied by the anaesthetist who always looks after me so well. He made me promise I will stay well this time!

It was after 11pm when I returned to my room. I’m on iV fluids and pain medications for now, in a halo to keep me stable until Saturday which is surgery day!

So desperately need your support with donations, you are all so kind and it’s much appreciated!

We will know more about the surgical plan when we get the CT scan results.

Thanks for all the support,

Mel x


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