Sometimes waiting is the saddest part…


“Waiting is the saddest part…” – inside out Disney ?⏰

After the other days positive post about finally feeling human again & going for some fresh air for the first time in months…. it’s been fair to say, I’ve been feeling pretty sad & deflated.

Usually by the time I leave hospital I’m watching Netflix all day, sitting for a couple of hours for walks outside, able to go out for tea & travel via taxi etc etc…. this time, the surgery was MUCH bigger, more serious & I was in “the most critical condition” & recovery is soooo much harder, longer & slower….& I can’t help but compare.

There’s so many amazing positives not least being I’m ALIVE, and seizure free, but, after an extra week in hospital in the halo pre—surgery, ITU team with medical flight out, & an extra week in hospital post op also… we’re running out of funds!

Theres all the extra covid tests to fund for both me & my mum, no way to fund a carer coming over to help care for me, we’re both exhausted & with no direct flights to Newcastle either, things are tricky.

The team say I’m doing well & it is a huge surgery & I’m in a lot of pain as expected, & need a lot of rest…..& it will just take more time to heal & let pain settle & build strength!

We are taking it day by day, but realistically we can’t see me being “fit to fly” home for another 2weeks ?, unless we had funds for a medical flight home ✈️?

We desperately still need donations to fund the accommodation, extra medications & flights home so any fundraising support is massively appreciated, as always!

Lockdown life could be the perfect opportunity to do to some sponsored activities with the kids, some post Xmas fitness challenges or even some virtual music/comedy evenings… ???‍??





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