Itl turn out alright in the end – you’ll see


Has just had the best news ever….

“Itl turn out ALL RIGHT in the end – you’ll see” Mrs Potts” ??

I had a low grade infection in the bone last time they operated- 1 year ago, & so took a super long course of oral antibiotics and they were worried it hadn’t cleared and had colonised the hardware and weakened it causing it to break easier this time… the only way to check was to take biopsy’s and the only way to be sure to fully eradicate it would be to REMOVE all the hardware and spend 3month In a halo on antibiotics before replacing it all with new hardware….

This decision was taken out of my hands when the halo didn’t fully stop the seizures as I needed extra traction on it to be able to sit or move/roll- so without any hardware Inside I’d be even more unstable.

So, they’ve been growing cultures for 2weeks since my surgery and the results are definitively NEGATIVE.

?So there is NO infection there at all!?

So we all made the right decision and there’s no worry about infection lingering in the old rods etc…. & i literally just need my bones to fuse as solid as possible, so bracing, osteoporosis medication & im getting a bone stimulator & being careful as always!

Such a relief! ?

So my IV antibiotics are stopping, we have a plan for weaning my steroids, we have dropped my pain infusion again today and once I’m coping with the pain without the infusion I can go to the apartment to rest and heal before coming home ☺️

Once home I’ll be getting my covid vaccine and my new wheelchairs- so my spine will be better supported too- as the chairs will actually fit my body!

& my wounds healing up great- even if it is still really sore ?
Things are finally looking up ??





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