BBC radio update

Here is an update from
Bbc radio Newcastle this morning about my progress.

I’m still very tired and resting lots, got a new wheelchair yesterday- which is much better for my spine.

I’ve found out the bone treatment I need to help my surgery be successful long term isn’t available on the NHS and I need to pay for it privately.

The treatment is special injections to BUILD strong bone in the spine in particular, which is very important as I have bone grafts from skull to T12 that need to fuse and grow strong around the metalwork- particularly where the screws are broken inside the vertebrae.

The way it works is like building a concrete wall, you have metal posts and concrete- the metal holds the wall up until the concrete solidifies…. but if it were just metal on its own it would bend and bend and break eventually. Spinal fusions are the same, and we need my bone “concrete” to fuse around the metal, over the next year, especially where the screws are broken.

Any donations would be appreciated to help me pay back what we had to borrow and also also to obtain this vital medication to ensure the fusion has the best chance at being successful!

Thank you so much for all your support so far!

Special thanks to my surgical team for being so amazing, the incredible Capital air ambulance & to every single person who’s donated and shared my story!


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