Never give up

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?”When the world says “give up”, HOPE whispers, “try one more time!” – The little Mermaid.??‍♀️?

Last night was a better night, i managed a few hours sleep rather than just the measly one I’ve been getting since surgery & although when I woke up I was in agony, I had a fantastic nurse looking after me who got it under control within minutes!

I’ve now been here in Teknon since the 26th of January- 19days! Since my halo was fitted, & we are now on day 12post op.

The pain is much better controlled now & so the plan is to work on reducing the pain infusion & steroids slowly- & building up my sitting tolerance, so that I can go to the apartment to rest & recover!

It’s going to take a while as it was a full spine fusion & unfortunately… time is money!

The medical flight over here with ICU team was £16,700; the private covid tests me & mum needed to be allowed into Spain were £98 each.

The cost for the emergency halo fitting in theatre upon arrival was around £12,000.

The hospital room costs about £600/day & only one week is included in the original surgical quote.

These costs are additional to the original estimate of £50,000- as things became critical rapidly!

We also need another covid test each before staying at MICs (the adapted apartment), & 2weeks at MICs will cost us about £3,000.

On top of this we need to pay for taxis to outpatient follow up appointments; the extra prescriptions; our covid tests before flying home… & of course, the flights home!

So there’s a lot of additional funds needed & we appreciate any help you can give!

Thanks again for the continued support!

Here’s some photos of me looking much more human today! ? I managed 45minutes sitting up in my wheelchair!

Mel x




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