Sunday 23rd may

So, today’s update isn’t very exciting.

I’ve been very tired and in a lot of pain. We all decided it’s best for me to not sit up until the halo vest is back on, so I’m on bed rest in all my braces to keep me as safe as possible, until Tuesday. On Tuesday my dressings will be changed again & the halo reapplied… once it’s on & we know I’m safer, I can start sitting more & transferring more often.

We don’t want me to overdo it & for something to go wrong-  I’m like a China doll, so delicate & fragile!

So we’re just working on reducing my IV pain meds & steroids & getting onto oral ones, until then really!

Then Tuesday the halo goes back on, & if I’m managing transfers & coping with the pain I’ll be able to leave at the end of the week to go to the apartments.

Aiming for Thursday- fingers crossed!

We still need to raise the remaining funds & are currently still £24k away from target. The halo costs £2.5k & that needs to be fitted on Tuesday so that I can start sitting up more & moving safely.

Then I’ll be recovering at mics until I’m well enough to fly home!

Thanks again,

Mel x






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