Postponed return home

321ED552-B8F5-409C-B716-92BC88E8BF50Unfortunately we have had to postpone our return home, which was planned for this Sunday.

Dr Gilete felt I need to stay longer to ensure I can sit up safely and seizure free before being confident and able to sign me fit to fly for the flight home…. & after 6surgeries he knows me and my body very well- and we trust his judgement fully!

So we’re all chilling in Barcelona a little longer, to recover more and build up my sitting time & strength steadily.

My infection is clearing up nicely and looks so much better – which is a relief as I really wasn’t looking forward to the prospect of having new halo pins drilled into my skull again!

As always thank you for the tremendous support, we still need to fundraise as we haven’t yet reached our target and it’s also imperative that I keep up with the bone injections to help my fusion take solid!

Adapting to live in a halo is a challenge but I’m getting there!

Hopefully I’ll manage to get up and outside before returning home and see some of the Barcelona sunshine!

As always I’ll keep you all updated as things change, & hopefully will be on our way home soon… to see Poppy and Katiya- let’s see what poppy makes of my halo, cuddling me is going to need some adapting I think!

Mel x






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