Dear Santa, 2


???Dear Santa, ??
??This Christmas.…???

This festive season Please support Mel by making a donation, fundraising or doing a sponsorship in aid of

“The Melanie’s Mission Charitable Trust 2016”,

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❄️?Merry Christmas!?❄️


About Melanie

PLEASE DONATE NOW to #MelaniesMissionToLive - a charitable trust fund created to fund specialised medical transport and world specialist, life-saving spinal and brain surgery for Mel (a 32yr old Newcastle University biology graduate from Cramlington, Northumberland) before its too late!! Due to Mel's complex underlying conditions (EDS and CCI) her only option for revision surgery to fix her broken fusion is to seek help abroad! WE NEED YOUR HELP

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2 thoughts on “Dear Santa,

  • Netty Stuart

    Melanie keep up the fight my love. You’re in my prayers and thoughts. It’s so very cruel that you have to suffer so. My wish for next year is you either get the surgery you so greatly need or by miracle intervention you’re made better. It’s beyond many people’s perception how you live on a stretcher and all the pain and challenges you have. I tell people about you and the condition whenever they’re having a moan about a cold or something, you’ve helped me put my big pants on with my health challenges wishing you a peaceful Christmas and hope you have less pain xx

    • Melanie Post author

      Thanks so much for the kind wishes & thank you for spreading the word about my cause!

      I REALLY appreciate it, awareness is key to getting people to follow my story and help hold fundraisers etc…. it’s a big help!

      Marry Christmas