Sitting up in my wheelchair after 6weeks



So sorry for the silence for the last week or so, but I’ve been really quite poorly due to pain and an infection in my halo pins.

I’ve spent all my time resting and being sick, and was struggling to even sit up to get to the toilet without vomiting.

I’m now on oral and topical antibiotics and seem to be turning a corner…. thankfully because Dr Gilete said if I’m no better tomorrow I have to go to hospital and may need more surgery to remove and replace the halo screws… as if the infection gets into the scull bone it’s very dangerous.

So, today I finally sat up in my wheelchair for the first time in 6weeks, as I need to start building up my sitting time for the flight home- planned for Sunday! …. that’s only a week away!

Unfortunately today I only managed 20minutes sitting up, but by next week I need to be able to sit for 3hrs for the flight home…… otherwise we’re stranded in Spain! 😂

Any donations are massively appreciated, and Thankyou to all those who are currently undertaking sponsorships- please keep sharing them around!

So for now I’m back in bed watching Netflix in the hope that I’ve not overdone it today, and can manage to sit a little longer tomorrow…. by then my antibiotics should be working more too!

Thanks for all the support and love!
Mel x


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