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Melanie’s life is at great risk again and she needs your help to fundraise for further lifesaving surgery – following a broken fusion after knee surgery under general anaesthetic.

Melanie is 32 and a bubbly graduate of the School of Biology at Newcastle University. She lives in Cramlington with her Mum, Molly, & a team of PA’s .

She suffers from a severe form of the rare condition, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)‌, which causes all her joints to dislocate – especially those of her spine and neck! This lead to a very severe case of Cranio-Cervical Instability (CCI). The prognosis for severe EDS and CCI without surgery is a progressive decline in neurological symptoms, and worst case scenario ultimately is paralysis & death.

Unfortunately, EDS specialists able to perform the specialist and potentially life-saving CCI fusion can only be found in the USA & Spain, so Mel had to travel and SELF-FUND her own life-saving surgery, the cost of which was well over £160,000.

The surgery was hugely successful and Mel enjoyed 2years of living her life to the full before this devastating set back occurred… she needs your support to get her fusion repaired, so she can have her surgical halo removed and get back to living the life she’s had a glimpse of!