Hospital Update

Hi guys!!

This hospital stay is beginning to get me down now! I’ve been here over 2weeks and had every possible area punctured and bruised with attempted cannulations – to the point that they needed to put a midline in my arm (a bigggg long tube inside the vein to my shoulder)!

image image

That was working brilliantly until my bigg seizure…. Where it got caught and started leaking!

So I’ve had no fluids today as there’s been no access and nobody wants to try and cannulate me… And they wanted to try to put something in to attempt to unblock the line, incase that was the cause…..&the stuff to do that took all day until now, to get hold of!

So It’s in there, hopefully working its magic as I type!!!

Lets hope it works then I can get back on track with fluids & medications & feel much better by morning!

Thanks for your continued support!

Love & hugs,




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