An eventful night!

I had an eventful night last night but, I’m going HOME!!

I started to vomit after eating and the moving jarred my neck causing it to sublux and triggering a seizure…. The THIRD episode of this that day!

However THIS time, my mum was unable to get my neck back in place and it progressed in severity. A nurse pulled the emergency buzzer and the staff all came running -** I remember none of this, but have been told what happened!**

A lovely doctor whom I’d met the previous night when she unclogged my midline, came. They placed an artificial airway in my mouth and high flow Oxygen to support my airway and rolled me onto my back with my head supported.


After a while I began to come round & was screaming in agony & very distressed as I was unable to see or speak to communicate, due to my neck not being right and having nystagmus.

They administered IV pain relief & antisickness & slowly my pain and nystagmus settled after we straightened out my body and neck that was twisted inside the brace! I was suffering from symptoms for while, I had slurred speech, double vision and couldn’t move my left arm until me neck slipped back properly into place.

After I was very tired & upset, so took my painkillers and went to sleep!

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