Sitting up!

Today’s been a better day!

I’ve been awake all day, managed to eat 3meals for the first time in ages & then after a very long hard day operating Dr Gilete came to help me try and sit up in bed.

We were all pretty nervous  & my mum, Dr G & the nurse were all stood ready incase anything happened- but it was fine & i didn’t have any seizures!

So now I have to practise sitting up again but with ALL my braces on tight & be very, very careful as I’m “very fragile”.

We need pain to settle & wounds to heal, then we can get my halo back on so I’m safe to recover in the apartments. But, I’ve gotta do it slowly & carefully.

I’m so relieved to be fixed again & so grateful to Dr Gilete for getting me here so quickly again & looking after me so well!

I still get the fear when I’m going to sleep that I might stop breathing.. but, if I can sit up without seizures, we know I’m good! My leg, foot and toes are working again too- always a bonus to be able to move both feet & all ten toes! 😂

Now I need to try & raise the remaining funds to ensure this surgery fuses & lasts long term… it’s such a worry & I’m shattered!

Thanks again for the incredible support!






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