So I’ve spent most of my time resting & in pain… But today seem to have turned a corner! During the surgery one of the things Dr Gilete found was that the bone had been resorbed , we think this is because of my osteoporosis but it’s not good at […]

Rough days

Well, today’s the day! I’m all scrubbed, gowned up and ready to go. Looking forward to not popping and cracking all the time & making the first steps in recovery… AGAIN. Round 5, but it’s exactly 4 years since my first admission here for the surgery that fixed me and […]

Surgery day- round 5

Hi, I’ve been poorly for a couple of days with a UTI but luckily the iV antibiotics seem to be kicking in now! Just in time for my surgery tomorrow morning! I’m having the surgery then will be in a coma in ICU for a day or two, before coming […]

Day before surgery.. round 5

Hi, So, the hospital decided surgery on a Saturday was a bad idea as there’s less staff in icu over the weekend, so I’m having it Monday morning instead. Ive had all the pre op tests and signed all the forms, so I’m just chilling in my halo until surgery […]

Surgery postponed

What a week it’s been… and it’s only Wednesday! I came via air ambulance with a Lovely Paramedic Carl and ITU Dr Lee on board, Carl knew me from last time and they both looked after me really well. I had some oxygen and IV fluids and medications on the […]

Arriving at Teknon for the 5th time

Hi, it’s me again (Leah)! Mel has had 11 seizures today alone, is in absolute agony and had hardly any sleep since Wednesday night…. she’s needing watched 24:7 & is as white as a sheet, we had to make our way to the airport for a private covid test today. […]

Covid testing & a rough night!

🆘🆘URGENT!!!🆘🆘 Unfortunately Mel has gotten a lot worse!! She’s now needing her head held and a carer by her side 24/7 as she is having up to 12 seizures a day, while stopping breathing!!! She is getting rushed to Spain on Tuesday morning via emergency air ambulance with ITU team […]

Air ambulance booked- times running out!

🆘🆘URGENT APPEAL🆘🆘 Mel’s PA here, I have been off sick which is why I haven’t had a chance to write anything, and Mel is far too unwell to post anything. Everything was going well as Mel was approaching the 3 month mark, when disaster struck!!! When turning Mel, we heard […]

Disaster – May 2021

ITV Tyne Tees update on #melaniesmissiontolive💜 from tonight’s news. I’m now home, and SO much better than I was! However, we are still desperately trying to raise the remaining funds that we owe and to fund the VITAL medication I need for my spinal fusion to fuse strong, as I […]

ITV April 2021 update