Update- nearing 5th week in hospital!

Hi all my lovely followers!

I’m having a tough time at the moment nearing the start of my FIVTH week in hospital with multiple infections & vomiting.

imageWednesday was my birthday which I had a few visitors who made it really special for me bringing cake & cards & more importantly their time!





I also had a test on my tummy which proved it isn’t emptying very well at all- only 9% of the water passed through when we expected over 50% too! So that a big concern and I’m waiting to see the gastro team and see if I need feeding tubes- as off lost a LOT of weight since graduation!



My new website
is now live and contains a blog, shop, donate and event calendar! So if you’d all subscribe to it that’d be amazing and you’d be able to keep up to date with the upcoming events!!!

I’m having a Melanies Mission fundraising ball on November the 5th – ticket sales begin next week so keep your eyes pealed!

It is being hosted at Kington park rugby grounds and will be £35pp with:

•a welcome drink,
• luxury 3 course meal
• live singing
• DJ and dancing
• Auction and a raffle
And ALL proceeds go DIRECTLY to my #MelaniesMission Fund!


Thanks once again!

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