Surgery day- round 5

Well, today’s the day! I’m all scrubbed, gowned up and ready to go.

Looking forward to not popping and cracking all the time & making the first steps in recovery… AGAIN.

Round 5, but it’s exactly 4 years since my first admission here for the surgery that fixed me and saved my life- until it was broken two years later during intubation in the U.K. … how crazy is that?!

So thankful to Dr Gilete and his team for getting me here so fast and stabilising me so quickly, I gave him quite the scare when I arrived this time- I need to stop making a habit of that! ?

I’m also eternally grateful for all the love and support and donations for you all, we still have a way to go to meet the target & every penny helps, so if you could donate or do your own sponsorship or raffle it would be a massive help!

Surgery is probably going to be long as always, and I’ll be in icu in a coma afterward for a day or so, but my PA is going to post an update  to let you all know how I am.

Thanks again,

Mel x


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