Silent Battles!

I’ve been fighting a few silent battles lately.


Sorry for the lack of updates- here’s the latest drama!


Recently I’ve lost a LOT of weight & muscle through not being able to eat, & vomiting due to infections!

All the antibiotics caused me to develop a nasty tummy bug called C. diff- this made me VERY unwell and I was nearly admitted to ITU several times due to becoming septic & then having very, very low levels of potassium.

Being septic was a horrendous experience, I have never felt so poorly before!


It came outta the blue! I was actually going to be discharged on IV antibiotics at home, then it hit!

It started with a huge seizure needing sedation & traction to my head to resolve…, then we realised my temperature was very high!

After this I developed rigour, my oxygen levels dropped and my observations were not good at all!

Fortunately they managed me on the ward with ITU staff coming to see me regularly.

All this time I’ve been in isolation due to the risk of passing the infection on to others- so we’ve had no visitors and my mum has had to sit in my room day and night in an apron and gloves….. We are counting down the days till they say I’m freeeee!

I missed my beautiful niece’s birthday and still haven’t been able to see her to give her a hug or her presents- so we will be having our very own little happy ‘un-birthday’ celebration, when I’m home- I can’t wait!!


In a bid to reduce the number of infections my consultant decided a suprapubic catheter would be best.

So on Tursday I finally went to theatre to have this fitted…. I was terrified my neck would go and that nobody would pull my head to pop it back in place- luckily for me the aneastntist on shift was amazing!

He transferred me to the operating table whilst I was awake, so I could protect my neck, and then put me to sleep and kept my neck brace on the entire time!

This was such a relief as we had waited months for the surgery due to concerns over intubating me with my neck instability, they’d even decided to intubate me awake- but in the end he managed fine normally & all went smoothly!

When I woke up the first thing me and the aneastntist did was sigh in relief and say “well, my head didn’t fall off then!”

I’m now sore- as expected, & trying to regain my appetite, strength and get back on track with fundraising!!

The ball has been rescheduled and EVERYONE is welcome, it’s going to be an amazing evening! So if you fancy a good night out with fine food, live music, dancing & fun- get those tickets booked!


If you could help spread the word about the ball to your friends, family, workmates etc I’d be very grateful! Tickets are £35pp or £315 for a table of 10 people!

Thanks for the continued support!

Mel X