Rough days

So I’ve spent most of my time resting & in pain… But today seem to have turned a corner!

During the surgery one of the things Dr Gilete found was that the bone had been resorbed , we think this is because of my osteoporosis but it’s not good at all- as I need the bone to grow strong around the metal rods & screws so that the fusion is successful long term.

In the same way a concrete wall is built, around a metal framework.

This did happen after the first surgery really well, until it was broken during intubation, so it’s really upsetting for us all that it’s not worked as well since!

So, I NEED to keep up with the bone injections to build strong bone in my spine -which are around £300/4weeks & a full course is 2years.

I’m also going to need to be put back into the halo (approximately £2.5k) before leaving hospital, & stay in it for 6-8months until we can be sure my spine is fusing & I’m safe.

So once again I desperately need your support to raise the funds to pay for these injections & halo, as well as the excess for the surgery.

I’m still in a lot of pain and on continuous infusions & injections into a central line.

Off to get some sleep now, as always thank you for our continued support,

Mel x






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