ITV News report from Barcelona

ITV News ? update on my mission. Features an interview with my fantastic neurosurgeon, and my mum and me in here Barcelona. ?☀️

It covers the surgery I had, and why I’m still fundraising for more vital Neurosurgery in January.

Since the filming we realised I won’t be able to go home and return after Christmas ?

For two reasons:

Firstly, I can’t sit up, the other part of my spine with 2 broken screws (T1) is just too unstable, it dislocates constantly and even the new brace doesn’t hole it in joint while sitting. So I’m unable to sit up without passing out, having severe pain, paralysis and even heart problems!
So flying home simply is not safe. ?

Secondly, I’ve had a very rare but very serious and scary complication, due to my EDS ? my stitches have ripped and my oesophagus has opened up where the surgery was done… and my spine is exposed. This means food and drink leaks into the spinal cavity and there is a big risk of serious infection/sepsis etc! ?

Thankfully we found it and I’m now on antibioitcs and have had a feeding tube fitted so that nothing will be going into my throat, until it heals… and so they need to keep a close eye on it, and ensure it heals up and that I’m ok! ?

Obviously this all comes at an extra cost, and I desperately need to raise the funds to cover the next surgery ASAP! ?

Thank you to everyone who has and is supporting me on this rollercoaster of a journey! … and of course to Dr Gilete, his team, Teknon hospital and the brilliant staff who all looked after me so well, during such a difficult and risky time! ?

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Read ITV’s article with more video clips:


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