Oh my goodness, my graduation was terrifying, overwhelming, nerve wracking but absolutely brilliant!

I was in hospital on IV antibiotics, fluids & Antisickness medications & got permission to leave for a few hours to attend my graduation ceremony.

I was the first person to graduate on the day & due to being unwell and needing to get my neck brace swapped and give my head a rest, I went straight outside where I was going to go over to a room for a rest before the photographs.


However upon getting outside we decided to get the photographs done there and then so that we could head straight back to the hospital to get me my medications, then when more¬†comfortable have a little party in my cubicle…..

My 3 Year old niece Katiya became camera shy & didn’t want to be in any of the photographs, but at the end when all the photographers started backing off.. She came running & jumped onto my stretcher to give me a hug- so we all got a few sneaky pictures of us together!


Back at the hospital I started being sick, which caused my neck to clunk, triggering anther seizure…

But it was well worth it and a very memorable experience that I will NEVER, EVER, forget!


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