Covid crisis strikes again!


Annnnnnnnd she’s back… finally. It’s been a crazy ride, I have no luck!

I managed to catch COVID, had no idea that’s what it was as I was unwell with an infection & asthma anyway- thought I was getting better then BOOM, ended up in hospital.

I’ve been really poorly, had every symptom on the list even crazy hallucinations hearing conversations that weren’t happening, really scary.

Unfortunately hospital couldn’t care for me with my complex needs & I was down to one trusty PA- so it’s been a total nightmare, and in the end I self discharged a day early.

I have a pulse ox and oxygen at home anyway so just needed to get home where I could be looked after.

I turned a massive corner once at home in my own bed. I’m eating again for the first time in over a week- I’ve had to tighten all my knee braces and halo vest as I’ve lost so much weight!

Got more energy, able to talk and think and speak again & my fever stopped- always a bonus as it was horrific being literally drenched in sweat in a soggy sheepskin halo liner!

So, it will just take time now to get back to “normal” & since I already have most of the things long covid causes, it’s kinda inevitable that this would be the case.

Luckily since we’d been quarantined since Spain the track & trace contact tracing was a breeze! Was just the flight home, then I’d been in my room the whole time.

But yes- Covid is no joke, I’ll be mask wearing for a long time yet!

Poppy was so pleased to have me home she tried to nuzzle into my neck and got her HEAD STUCK IN THE HALO ? mam had to prize her head out! ? Silly Pooch!

She was super excited to be able to “work” and fetch things for me again too, didn’t even have to call her to fetch my braces, she came racing into my room and brought them skipping and swinging them about ?

We still need to hit the fundraising target to pay back our debts and fund these monthly injections to help my bones fuse- even more vital now I’m on high dose steroids for covid…. Which hinder bone fusion ?


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