4 days since waking


Today’s update

So it’s been 4 days since I woke up from my medically induced coma…..

The changed the broken cobalt alloy rod, and added a new one on that side also, so there’s three cervical rods on the left and the two already In situ on the right.

I’m on two different iv antibiotics to ensure the infection found last time is fully gone- cultures take a week to be sure about (as it was a low grade infection that is is only detected via biopsy and culture) so fingers crossed! ??

Apparently the bone fusion looked pretty good so that’s great news as I have osteoporosis so it was a big worry that my weak bones may not be able to hold the fusion.

My CT angiogram done this time as I was inpatient 7days prior to surgery so we could attempt to prevent and then treat the allergic reactions from the dye with antihistamines and steroids iv, showed my vertebral arteries are very small. This explains why any slight slippage of the skull base/C1 resulted in seizures. Not only from spinal cord compression but also from compressing the vertebral artery stopping oxygenated blood reaching the brain! Makes sense as high flow oxygen stopped the excruciating headaches after each seizure too! Obviously this is very dangerous as lack of oxygen to the brain is so, so dangerous!

So, as well as replacing the rod and adding a new one, they fused the mid thoracic section of my spine and connected it to the cervical fusion (top neck etc), and the bottom one (lumbar/lower spine and pelvis).

So I am now one of very, very few people worldwide who have a full spinal fusion from the skull to the pelvis and both SI joints.

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